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Tuli Wilderness Walking Trails & Safaris

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Tuli Wilderness Walking Trails & Safaris

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Prices quoted will be inclusive of meals and accommodation (but shall exclude flights, transfers, items of a personal nature)

We can also quote for bespoke trips for more or less nights if required (i.e. 1 week, 10 days…)
We will try to accommodate dates to suit you, can be longer or shorter in duration


Two experienced professional rangers accompany you on the trail and ensure an exhilarating interpretive experience. A typical day is made up of two main activities: after a dawn wake-up, we head off for a morning walk, which usually lasts around four hours.

We take regular breaks and rest halfway through the morning walk at a pleasant spot to enjoy basic snacks, fruit juice and water. Returning to camp, we have a shower and a hearty brunch. The afternoon walk ends just after sunset, followed by an evening meal served around the camp fire chatting about the adventures of the day. We have three very different accommodation .htmls and trail-experience options with which to tailor-make the wilderness trails:

serolo_tented_camp_tuli_block_botswana_walking_safariSerolo Tented Camp

Serolo Tented Camp is located along the shady floodplain of the Limpopo River under the many massive riverine trees including the magnificent Mashatu and tall Apple-leaf trees.

  • The unfenced camp offers accommodation in five fully serviced safari-style tents with each tent sleeping two persons.
  • All of the tents have two single beds, electric fans and both electric and hurricane lamps
  • All of the tents have en-suite showers and flush toilets. Hot water is created by ‘donkey-boilers’.
  • The camp has 220V electricity.
  • There is a spotlight overlooking the waterhole at Serolo Camp. Game such as elephants, leopard, bushbuck, bush pigs, warthogs and African wild cats can be seen drinking at the waterhole just below the camp.

Trails Camp

Tuli block bull elephant. Photo by Adrian Faulkner of Afreco Tours Ltd. Safaris & Wildlife courses and trips.Trails Camp is set deep in the wildest of places. This camp moves from season to season following the movement of game, available water and shade.

  • The canvas trails tents have flysheets for shade and there are two beds in each tent.
  • Basic rustic ablutions give this camp its adventurous charm.
  • The kitchen is under a spacious army style tent.
  • Gas and paraffin lamps provide light, while the ‘donkey boiler’ heats water for hot showers.
  • Dinners are cooked over and eaten around a campfire.

Wilderness Sleep Outs

Wilderness Sleep Outs are done under the stars and the lack of need for vehicle access means that these can be done anywhere in the reserve.

  • We sleep on the ground around a fire to be and usually carry sleeping bags, sleeping mats, our food, water and all other essentials with us (although these can be delivered for us).
  • Trailists take shifts in mounting a watch for the evening, ensuring that we remain safe.


Trails meals provided are:

  • Morning tea, coffee, rusks, fruit, snacks
  • Substantial brunch in the camp
  • Afternoon tea, coffee, biscuits, fruit, snacks
  • Bush dinner around the camp fire

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