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Rifle Handling Courses

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Rifle handling training in South Africa for FGASA field guide training students.

Rifle Handling Courses

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FGASA logo (The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa)About the Rifle Handling Courses 

This is an option primarily aimed at those wishing to work within the field guiding industry in one capacity or another. Those doing FGASA certificates and the Botswana BQA or the Kenya KPSGA will be particularly interested. .

The aim of this course is to develop and practice skills pertaining to rifle handling in dangerous game country and to ensure safety when approaching dangerous game. It is conducted in a different, wilder area and therefore provides amore authentic rifle handling experience. This course gives grounding to practical rifle handling skills and the safety aspect surrounding rifle handling in a dangerous game area and during an encounter or animal charge.

  • If you wish to obtain an official FGASA qualification then you must have a  full FGASA Level 1 Field Guide qualification (inclusive of a First Aid qualification)
  • Have a PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers Council) accredited Rifle Proficiency certificate before you arrive on course (

Some subjects covered on the course

  • Orientation
  • Safety
  • Rifle Cleaning
  • Rifle Assembly and Parts

Dry Practice

Safari guide's rifle and hat against acacia tree in Kruger National Park. Photo by Adrian FaulknerDry practice is done daily, within the camp, to ensure students achieve the necessary handling skills before heading to the rifle range. Stance is observed and corrected. Old or poor handling techniques identified, will also be corrected.

Various drills, routines and scenarios will be practiced, preparing students for most encounters they are likely to face.

Rifle Range

From morning three onwards, practical shooting will be done at the rifle range using .22 and .375 caliber rifles. Again attention will be paid to fine tuning stance, accuracy and handling skills. Dry drills will also be practiced at the range, until the students become comfortable with the rifle itself and the drills become second nature.

The final day on the range will comprise of the FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling Assessment (optional for those qualified to part take) and the EcoTraining Rifle Handling Assessment (compulsory for all attending).


The assessment will comprise of 6 components. Learners will be assessed on the following; a blind fold loading drill, a shot grouping exercise, a distance exercise, a misfire drill, a shot placement exercise and finally a simulated charge. Each component will need to be successfully completed before progressing to the next component.


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