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Trails Guide – Botswana & South Africa

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Trails Guide – Botswana & South Africa

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2018: R48, 985 | Approx. £2,700
2019: R53, 400 | Approx. £2,960

2018 Dates

  • 26 November – 23  December 2018 (4 spaces left) 5 % off 

2019 Dates

  • 08 May – 04 June 2019 | Selati Game Reserve | South Africa
  • 18 June – 15 July 2019 | Mashatu Game Reserve | Botswana
  • 5 July – 1 August 2019 | Mashatu (5 – 15 July) & Selati (15 July – 1 Aug) 
  • 21 September – 18th October 2019 | Makuleke | South Africa

Camp locations:

  • Selati Game Reserve – South Africa
  • Makuleke – Northern Kruger National Park – South Africa
  • Mashatu Game Reserve – Tuli Block – Botswana

Rate includes:

  • Accommodation (sharing)
  • Meals
  • Tea/coffee and cordials
  • Instruction and training
  • Game walks
  • Open vehicle game drives
  • Sleep outs/ additional activities
  • 1 night at a guesthouse in Jo’burg (the night before)
  • 1 transfer to camp (the outgoing transfer)
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About the Trails Guide Training Courses

Learn to safely approach game on foot like the Cape Buffelo on the FGASA trails guide course. Photo by Adrian FaulknerThese FGASA accredited Trails Guide Training courses take place in Mashatu Camp in the Tuli Block area of Botswana and also in Makuleke in the far north of Kruger National Park.

The course is open to:

  • People looking to get their official FGASA Trails qualification
  • AND also to anyone who wants  the opportunity of walking in a wilderness area, improving personal skills and experiencing Africa on foot unlike most people will be able to on a ‘normal’ type of safari.

For those serious about getting the FGASA qualification, it is only possible to obtain an accreditation if you have already completed and passed the FGASA Level 1 safari guide training.

The Trails Guide course has been specifically developed to cater for those students who have completed the Level 1 course or other equivalent qualification and wish to be trained in trails guiding and logging encounters. For an adventure/unique African experience it is a great alternative to the 2 month FGASA level 1 safari guide course and the non-FGASA 28 day safari guide training courses we offer.

The aim of this course is to develop and practice skills and knowledge learned on the Level 1 course. It is conducted in a different, wilder area and is therefore more “real”.

  • 60% of the time is spent on foot
  • 40% in the vehicle.

This course gives grounding to conduct bush walks in big game country and has an emphasis on safety.

Skills gained on this course can be used anywhere by anyone. The course content is the same for everyone, regardless of existing qualifications. However if a FGASA Back-up qualification is what your after you will have to attain a full FGASA Level 1 before coming on the course.

Wildlife & Nature enthusiast courses and safaris. South Africa and Botswana. Afreco Tours Ltd.

The course is structured to maximize the practical experience of our learners in the bush. Each day allows for maximum amount of time spent in the bush interpreting wildlife encounters and the general ecology while enjoying oneself. Activities alternate between driving and walking with the emphasis on walking.

white_rhino_trails_guide_courseLearners will be expected to show leadership and decision-making skills and that they are responsible and accountable for their actions in the field. Learner participation in the care of the camp, equipment and vehicle will be expected. Learners will be expected to pay attention to the needs of fellow learners and to work in teams at times.

Subjects covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to Trails Guide course
  • Navigation & orientation
  • Tracks and tracking
  • Walking in dangerous game country
  • Situational awareness
  • Approaching dangerous game on foot
  • Dangerous game knowledge & behaviour
  • Animal behaviour
  • What a Trails Guide carries in a backpack
  • The role of the back-up
  • Post incident management
  • Birding & bird identification
  • Historical human habitation
  • Shot placement
  • Rifle handling for dangerous game
  • Guiding ethics
  • Weapon handling, safety & ballistics
  • Wilderness concept
  • Radio procedures
  • FGASA Rifle Handling and Back-up Trails Guide qualification opportunities
  • Tests and evaluations
  • Possible 2 day navigational hike and sleep-out

Tests and assessments:

  • 1 x Theory test (end course)
  • 1 x Field observation
  • 1 x Scenario (approaching dangerous game)
  • 1 x Navigation & orientation test
  • Course activity preparation (throughout course)
  • Hospitality – Boma dinner assessment
  • Rifle Handling & Safety assessment FGASA Trails Guide Exam (where applicable)
  • FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling Assessment (where applicable)
  • FGASA and EcoTraining Back-up assessment
  • FGASA and EcoTraining Lead assessment.

Camp / Trails Guide Training locations

Mashatu – Botswana

Mahatu in the Tuli Block, Botswana. EcoTraining, Afreco Tours Ltd.

Makuleke – Northern Kruger National Park, S. Africa

See the large Baobab Trees of Northern Kruger National Park in South Africa on the Trails Guide course. Afreco Tours - photo by Adrian Faulkner

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