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Closure of Afreco Tours Ltd 

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It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the closure of Afreco Tours Ltd. We are no longer taking bookings (as of the 31st August 2019).

We are continuing to run things whilst we support all current customers who are booked with us, until the last person returns from their trip. We are still here to monitor current bookings and advise for a while longer, so please feel free to contact us for assistance if required.

  • We HAVE NOT gone bust. Our lives have gone in a different direction and the decision did not come easily.

The closure is for personal reasons as we can no longer afford the time and effort needed to run our much loved operation (operating since 2006, trading since 2008). We have never been very profitable and we have very much run this operation entirely for the love of wildlife and to help support conservation efforts. Unfortunately we feel we can no longer support this cost.

We are proud to have made a difference to wildlife conservation efforts, grateful for every booking we have ever taken and thankful for that business. We are also extremely proud to have made a significant different to countless people’s lives who have booked on a safari guide course or a wildlife volunteering project or any other wildlife related experience we have offered. Some of these people are now living and working in Africa and continuing with wildlife and conservation efforts or in  teaching others about the wonderful natural world we live in and need to preserve.

We would like to re-confirm that we are still here to monitor current bookings and advise for a few more months, so please feel free to contact us for assistance if required.

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Customer Testimonials

  • My experience in Balule

    I left not fully knowing what I was getting myself into. It turned out to be the best choice I ever made. I had dreamed of Africa for so long I wanted to be involved with Africa, not just a bystander basking in the beauty and sun. Balule gave me that and so much more.
    Azzura Lavecchia
    October 2015 (Italy)
  • Hi Adrian

    we are home after what we can only describe as a holiday of a lifetime. we have seen and experienced the most amazing things the big 5 in the first 4 days at sausage tree the most fantastic scenery on safari the leopards at cheetah plains and the whales and dolphins from our balcony at Days at sea so many photographs 700 in total.
    Ian & Marion
    October 2014 (UK)
  • Leopard photographic workshop

    I have just got back from the Leopard photographic safari workshop – and I have to say it will go down as one of the great highlights in my life! I had 4 days with Sean – who is a complete legend - both for his own stunning wildlife photography and his supreme knowledge of the African bush – there is hardly a bird or sound that he cannot identify and his love and knowledge of the area is immense.
    Naomi Stolow
    Dec 2013 (UK)

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