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South Luangwa photo safari

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Take amazing wildlife photographs in Zambia's most famous National Park - SOUTH LUANGWA. Wildlife photography safaris in Africa. Book C4 photographic trips through Afreco Tours. Copyright is C4 photography.

South Luangwa photo safari

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  • 22 – 27 JUNE 2017

Deep within the rift valley of Zambia lies a reserve that combines some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa in a setting as unique as its wildlife is diverse. South Luangwa, with the Muchinga escarpment on its western border and the Luangwa River to the east is a reserve that conjures up scenes of classic Africa.

The open forest floors allows for clear photography, whilst the huge stands of African ebony trees provide the perfect backdrop to the stunning scenes that you will witness and the Luangwa River meanders along, filled with and attracting all manner of wildlife.

You will spend 5 nights in the luxurious Kaingo Camp inside the actual reserve (manylodges are outside) overlooking one of the floodplains that make this area so special. South Luangwa has all the romanticism of adventure and exploration from day’s gone bye; but today it is the wildlife that’s the main attraction- the wildlife and Luangwa River.

Photographic Hides

Kaingo’s unique photographic hides are a special feature of this safari. These hides are guaranteed to get you close enough to the wildlife to take a whole host of stunning photos – in complete safety. Kaingo has the following photographic hides to offer:

  • Hippo hide
  • Elephant hide
  • Carmine bee-eater hide
  • Mwamba’s last waterhole hide
  • Wild dog lagoon hide
  • A mobile hide

These hides have been used in documentaries for BBC wildlife as well as National Geographic. You can expect excellent action and great photography from them.

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