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Masai Mara Classic Photographic Safari

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Mara river crossing during the great migration in the Masai Mara. Wildlife photography safaris with C4 photography. Book through Afreco Tours Ltd.

Masai Mara Classic Photographic Safari

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  • 9-16 Sept 2017

The Great Migration and the Mara River…Probably one of the most famous spectacles on the African Wildlife calendar and a pilgrimage for any photographer interested in wildlife and nature. There are few places on earth that still offer such a spectacle of wildlife in such breathtaking numbers. Yes, the migration has been filmed and visited year on year by film crews, natural scientists and tourists alike, but each year there are different perspectives to photograph and different events to witness – the migrations is a constant dynamic and therefore continuously and forever fascinating. We are of course referring to the Mara River crossing – one of the most spectacular wildlife scenes on earth.

You will stay on a small, authentic private camp bush camp right in the heart of the action and for only nine photographers only guided by professional photographers and hosted by one of the best operators in the safari industry. Your hosts know the best locations away from other tourists…the Mara is a very large system and a lot of the tourist traffic concentrates on a small section of the river. With your professional wildlife photographers as your guides, you will have the best positions and opportunities available. In addition to the migration you will explore some remote areas of the Masai Mara and so will also get to witness the beauty of the wilderness of one of Africa’s greatest ecosystems!

Each photographer will have their own seat with window and roof hatch, ensuring that everyone has ample room to photograph from. Brackets, braces and clamps can be fixed onto the rails on the vehicles for tripod heads and flash brackets. Everything is designed to aid your photographic enjoyment.

Key Points:

  • The camp is inside the Masai Mara reserve with a view of a main crossing point
  • You are within 5 minutes from the main crossing points and 10 minutes from the other crossing points. Most camps are at least 60 minutes from these central areas.
  • The position of the camp is within the two main rivers- the Talek and Mara rivers, meaning easy and fast access to the most productive game viewing areas.
  • You will be personally guided and driven by professional wildlife photographers who know the Masai Mara eco system exceptionally well.
  • No gate restrictions or racing for the gate during the best hours of light. (All gates close at 18h30, and as most camps are outside the reserve, vehicles must leave the reserve) This camp is inside the Mara.
  • 4 x Land Cruisers for our use.
  • 2 photographers per vehicle.
  • Non-photographers can share the same bench as the photographer, or sit in the front seat.
  • Each photographer will have a whole row as well as a roof hatch.
  • 9 clients are the maximum we will accommodate.
  • The camp is a permanent tent camp- tents have flush toilets and hot water showers.
  • Battery bank and silent generator for charging batteries and laptops.
  • 2 iMacs for help in downloading your images as well as many plug points for charging your batteries.
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