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About Afreco Tours

Afreco has been operating since March 2008. We are a small company who are passionate about Africa and it's wildlife. We offer a friendly, professional and highly personalised service unlike the larger operators. Afreco can often save you money on your bookings too (so it is always worth asking for discounts). Our customer's payments are also protected under Travel & General's TOPP policy as required under UK Travel regulations. We have booked clients from all over the world including those resident in Africa itself - often because of our value for money. It is worth noting that it is not always cheaper booking directly, so please do not hesitate to enquire with us. 

Our core business started with, and has remained with, booking our customers on Safari Field Guide Training courses in the African wilderness.

This includes budding safari guides (often referred to as game rangers) and wildlife enthusiasts on FGASA / BOTA and KPSGA accredited training courses in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya. Courses are open to all from those seeking a qualification for personal or career purposes to those just wishing to join for the experience and a unique way of learning about the African bush and its wildlife. A safari guide course is a great way of seeing the African savannah from a perspective that you would never otherwise experience on a 'normal safari'.

Since 2008 we have expanded into wildlife photography workshops and safaris (both budget and luxury), wilderness tracking courses, walking safaris & conservation volunteering projects as well as safari trips and holidays to suit all.

We have set dates for our various options or we can also tailor make your trip to suit you, so that you get the experience you are looking for. Although most of our wilderness adventure trips are located in the Southern African countries and also in particular around Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, we can assist in arranging tailored and unique adventure trips to East Africa, as well as Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and more.

We cater for the gap year adventurer on a budget to the  those looking to relax in luxury and experiences their safari in comfort.


Azzura Lavecchia | October 2015 (Italy)

Trip | Transfrontier Africa - Balule Conservation Volunteering Project

My experience in Balule:

I left not fully knowing what I was getting myself into. It turned out to be the best choice I ever made. I had dreamed of Africa for so long I wanted to be involved with Africa, not just a bystander basking in the beauty and sun. Balule gave me that and so much more. The conservation project is amazing, complex and some say it demands a lot out of you. Not so for me, I assure you I never felt so healthy and alive in my life. The hours spent in the field, under the sun, carrying out research, were a little tiring, but so rewarding. To witness life in the bush, firsthand and with no filters is priceless. At the end of the day when I realized what all that research is for and understood how vital it is, it was both humbling and immensely gratifying. To know I played an active part in preserving not just a general idea of wildlife, but that incredible variety of animals and plants I admired everyday, is so fulfilling!

And itís not just about the wildlife. The most surprising aspect for me was meeting the staff and volunteers there. I have rarely met anyone so passionate, dedicated, driven, determined, enaging, lively and fun! Craig, Leonie, Zala and everyone else you have taught me so much I will never thank you enough!  And I will never forget the way you made me feel welcome at camp, part of a small community that I have been missing since I got on the plane home.

iN Italian there's a saying that once one comes back from Africa he/she will forever carry with him/herself what is called "Mal d'Africa", loosely transalted as "African nostalgia" ... meaning one will forever want to go back. I know I do...  In fact I'm considering taking a sabbatical! Who knows, if I try hard enough I might actually malke it!!!

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